Christmas Cookies Bonanza

Hello lovely friends!

If you have not heard, one of the islands in Indonesia called Sulawesi was hit with a 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Friday September 28, 2018. It was followed by a tsunami with waves up to 20 feet high. The impact was devastating, especially on the city of Palu. Currently this disaster has claimed the lives of 1,763 individuals so far and many are still waiting for humanitarian aid (water, food, shelter, etc).

The stats are crazy and it breaks my heart to know how many people were affected by this. It also hits especially close to home because Indonesia is my second home – I was born there, lived there until I was about 8, and I still have a lot of family there.

So this year I wanted to do something extra special – I will be raising money for Palu by selling cookies and a limited amount of homemade personalized tiramisu! The proceeds will go to an organization that is directly involved in aid for the victim of this earthquake/tsunami. For more information: Link

Type of Goodies:

  • Original chocolate chip cookies
  • Peppermint cookies
  • Cowboy cookies (coconut, oatmeal, chocolate chip, toffee)
  • Ginger cookies
  • Personalized homemade tiramisu in mason jars
$6 per package (6 cookies in each) – Please note that to avoid cross-contamination for those who have allergies & to make things easier, each package will only have one type of cookies.
$10 per individual tiramisu
If you are interested in purchasing cookies and/or tiramisu, please fill out the form: ORDER FORM
Thank you so much for your support and I really do hope that you will consider contributing to this cause! Please tell your friends/family/coworkers too!