Foodie Review: Labothéry Inc.

Foodie Review: Labothéry Inc.

Place: Labothéry Inc.
What: Bubble Tea
Address: 717 Bay St. Unit D, Toronto, ON M5G 2J9
Price Range: $$ (kind of expensive for a bubble tea)

So I’ve been seeing this come up EVERYWHERE – on instagram, facebook, snapchat. People have been going crazy about this new-ish bubble tea place in downtown Toronto, right by Bay and Wellesley. And for a reason too, it’s a pretty neat experience becoming a “bubble tea scientist” and choosing your own combinations to make your own bubble tea.

And for me, that’s pretty much what it is: an experience. A couple of friends and I decided to head down there for #FeastyFridays. If you don’t know what that is all about, feel free to check it out here. When you first come in, the wall to your right will tell you pretty much what you need to do. 30991176_10155635652807921_483561065_o30850115_10155635652862921_340352707_o (1)

Then you get to the make your own bubble tea part – if you are confused after reading that (which I was at first) or just overwhelmed by the amount of choices, there is this guy who is there to help you out.


I decided to go for a milk tea, because I just love milk teas. Also before I went on yelp, someone there mentioned white chocolate and red bean combination that work and I was like, yum! So I decided to go with that combination and 30% sugar. Oh, you also have to get the “milk” for your milk team…which is powdered format (the “Original” tube below).


Then you round the bend, and there’s like a refrigerated section or at least a section where things are in glass encased shelves. There you can choose to add your toppings or any additional things you want to add to your tea. So I wanted to leave it as is, but the guy said if I like milky milk tea, I should add evaporated milk (there are other milks too – soy milk for example). Seeing as I have never combined anything to make bubble tea before and they are the expert and I am not, I did. I also added tapioca as a topping (there are also aloe vera/green apple boba, lychee pearls and more).


After you get all you things together, you go to the cashier where they will ask what kind of tea base you would like. I went with the original green tea (choices: black, green, or oolong). All together, my bubble tea came to about $8, which in my opinion is kinda on the pricey side.


So what did I think about my epic creation (the bubble tea to the right)? It’s not great to be honest. For me, the combination was a little off and what really threw me off was the really powdery taste of the bubble tea. Yes, I could still taste the powdered red bean/white chocolate/milk that they mixed together. My other friend who got the fruity bubble tea really liked hers (the bubble tea to the left), so if you come I would really suggest going for the fruity bubble tea rather than the milk tea!

Overall, I think this place is all about experience. If you haven’t been, you should at least go once to see and experience what it’s like AND live out your dreams of being a mad scientist!

Cheers xo,