Foodie Review: Reggae Fusion

Food Type: Caribbean
Address: 3155 Winston Churchill Blvd, Mississauga ON
Meal: Jerk Chicken with oxtail gravy
Cost: $13 (incl. tax and tip)
Website Link

Friends, do you love Caribbean food? I sure do! Especially Jerk Chicken. I’ve had some really great jerk chicken over the years at random places throughout the GTA, but if you ask me for recommendations where to get some…I honestly could not give you a definite answer. Until today!

I was craving jerk chicken this weekend, so we decided to get some right after our church service yesterday. And lucky us, there was a Caribbean restaurant right by our church called Reggae Fusion.

The restaurant itself is not huge – I think a lot of people come to pick up food and not really do a sit down lunch/dinner. BUT there are tables so if you do just want to eat there, you have that option (which we took).

This review is going to be super short, because we only tried one dish there: Jerk Chicken. The Jerk Chicken meal comes with rice and beans and a side of coleslaw. Friends, DO NOT forget to ask for oxtail gravy, because the gravy is SO GOOD. I think that’s what makes it one of the better jerk chickens I’ve had…the gravy is extremely delicious. The chicken is also super tender and the seasoning is on point.
I got the large meal and it was pretty big – I was stuffed by the end of it. They also have a lunch special if you go during the weekdays!!


Definitely recommend this place if you’re in Mississauga and want to try/currently craving jerk chicken!!



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