Volunteer Trip Plans!

Looking at that picture, makes me smile! That picture was taken about three years ago in a small kindergarten in Cusco, Peru. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel, for the first time without my parents, and join this organization called A Broader View to volunteer at both a kindergarten and a girls orphanage for my graduation trip. I’ve always had a special place in my heart working with kids and that trip pretty much solidified that calling I had.

Fast forward to three years later, I was itching to do something similar again. The question is when, where, with whom? Well God quickly filled in the with whom part. I’ve been talking previously with a good friend of mine, Sam (Hey Sammy!), about potentially doing a trip together because we both love to travel. And lo and behold, God put the same desire in our hearts to do some volunteer/mission work – so we knew that this was something we wanted to do together!

The where – again, God just put things all into place at the right time. I was chatting with a friend from work over coffee – he was about to leave the firm for another opportunity and I wanted to catch up with him & chat/get advice before he left. We started chatting about work, life, etc. and somehow we got into this conversation about how I was passionate about giving back and volunteering & I wanted to do something this summer. He told me that for the past couple of summer, he has been working with this organization directly, this foster home that he’s been visiting in China. He told me all about his experience and then asked if I would be interested in potentially visiting the home in China. Of course I was interested – I’ve actually been looking for volunteer organizations and opportunities, but I didn’t find anything that fit with the time frame or what we wanted to do…until I heard about Hidden Treasures. My friend ended up putting me in touch with the volunteer coordinator, and well here we are!

The when was also another hump we needed to get over. Sam and I are both working, so it would be hard to get a significant amount of time off. Not only that, but just timing it so that we get time off at the same time is also a struggle. I was super nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get that much time off nor during the time that I wanted off. But by God’s grace, everything worked out. Sam was able to get the time off she wanted and I was able to apply and get approval for a two-month sabbatical!

So now, with about a month and a half to go (oh wow, even writing this, I can’t believe that it’s coming up so fast), and everything confirmed, we are super excited to go to China and spend time playing, loving, doing life with these kiddos. I sit back sometimes and reflect how lucky I am in life, to be blessed with so many things in my life. I just want to share those blessing with as many people as possible, and this summer I hope I can do so with these kids!

And YOU can help as well! Hidden Treasures is a non-profit organization and so they rely on donations to keep things running. So Sam and I are currently raising money for things that are needed by the home such as medicine, vitamins, supplies, toys for the kids, etc., especially things that could not be found over there. None of the money we raise will be going towards our trip, instead all (yes, 100%) of the proceeds will go directly into buying all these supplies which we will take to China with us. We would love if you would join us in supporting this wonderful organization taking care of these kiddos. Any amount of donations help! Please check out the link below to donate 🙂


I’m super excited that I will be able to share this experience with you all! Please stay tuned to my blog – I will be giving more details about what exactly is Hidden Treasures Home, what we will be doing there, the rest of our Asia trip itinerary, etc.

Thanks again for reading!

Cheers xo